Comfort Food – What’s Your Must have food?

We all have a food that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside when we need it the most

The other day we were talking about the time I had poison ivy, I was kid at brownie camp and a bunch of us got it – really no big deal. Once I got something to stop the itch all I wanted was tomato soup because that was my comfort food.  My daughter ask “what is comfort food” so we explained how it is something that makes us feel warm inside and takes us back to our safe place.

Many people have their own comfort food, I mean the food you reach for in sickness, in challenging times, when we are feeling down or when we feel the need to be close to a memory.

Here are some of my favorite comfort foods that I reach for:

Chocolate:  Of course I’m a women so chocolate was a given.  Our family chocolate mousse recipe is my comfort food.  My father has been making this for years and I have a friend who used to leave me voicemails chanting “chocolate mousse, chocolate mousse” for days until I made it for him.  You must be thinking well give us the recipe, sorry folks not going to happen.  This one is staying in the family vault for now!

Eggs:  This one for me takes me back to my mother.  She loved eggs and taught me how to make scrambled eggs when I was young, something I have now done with my daughter.  Eggs are one of those staple items I always have in the house.  My mother used to make this runny egg sandwich that to this day I have not perfected.  The keys were fresh white bread, soft butter, soft boiled eggs and a pinch of salt.  I can taste it now – if only!

Tomato Soup:  I am a child of the 80’s which meant the dawn of fast food and ready to eat prepackaged food.  But even in the midst of all this Campbell’s tomato soup was a real comfort food for me and still is today.  Sure I could make tomato soup from scratch and I have but sometimes you just want the memory.

Grilled Cheese:  This is one of those items that my husband makes for me because it never tastes as good when I do it.  When I was a child it was Kraft cheese slices but now as an adult I love Apple wood smoked cheddar with a little fig and onion jam.  Still my comfort food, just taken up a notch!

Cheese:  My husband is French and the French LOVE cheese.  Having a meal of fresh cheese, bread, fruit, vegetables and pate has become one of my families comfort go to meals.  We don’t do it all the time but even my 7 year old asks for this every 6 weeks or so.

Turkey Dinner:  I don’t care if it’s 30 degrees outside in the middle of July – I will cook a full turkey dinner.  Juicy turkey, smooth mashed potatoes,stuffing, turnip and my family’s carrot casserole.  It’s not a turkey dinner without carrot casserole.  Basically its larger carrots peeled, cut on the diagonal (no idea why, it’s just the way my mother always made it), swimming in a cream sauce with onions topped with cheddar cheese.  Trust me it’s amazing and even better the next day with eggs for breakfast!

I could go on and on because I love food but ultimately for me, comfort food is good quality food.  While we reach for foods that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside we need to remember to balance that with nutritional healthy choices.  Reach out to us and tell us your favorite comfort food on Facebook or Twitter.

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