Amazing ideas on how to plan a successful, fun summertime date

My husband and I we seem to be stuck in the “dinner and a movie” date zone.  While I like dinner and a movie it is getting a little bit old.  I want to spend time together doing something different.  Recently, I asked him to plan a date night but did not really give him any direction other than “no dinner and a movie” In my mind it was pretty simple task but I know now in his mind it was a huge challenge.

To make a long story short it was a disaster on many levels but I think the biggest one was the way I reacted to his failure.  Yes you heard me right – it was not a huge disaster because he failed it was because I failed.  I failed to give him direction, I failed to see that he really wanted to do something special and I failed to participate when he tried to recover.

When recounting the events to a friend, she suggested that in the future I give him a list of options.  So here is an amazing li
st of ideas for summer dates:

Picnic in the park:  What woman doesn’t want to go on a romantic picnic in the park or her backyard for that matter!  Keep it simple by packing a couple of amazing cheese options (I love apple wood smoked cheddar or triple crème brie), some crackers, grapes and finish it off with homemade chocolate chip cookies!

Canoeing: This one holds a special place in my heart because this was my first date with my husband which was fitting as we lived on one of the most picturesque lakes in the world (Lake Louise, AB).   Find a local place to that rents canoes by the hour, trust me an hour or two in a canoe makes for a perfect date and afterwards find a local ice cream shop for a cool treat!

Hike: Disconnect for the world and spend some time connecting with nature and each other. Snacks are important for a long day of hiking.  Trail mix is one of our favorites: Peanuts, M&M’s, raisins, dried fruit and if you’re my 7 Year old daughter Marshmallows.   Remember to pack lots of water and for a refreshing twist add some lemon or fresh fruit.

Dance under the stars: I will admit a boyfriend in college did this for me.  It seemed funny at the time, he pulled over the car on a country road turned up the radio and asked me to dance.  Now looking back – it was pretty romantic!  Dancing under the stars might not be every man’s idea of a great date it can be pretty special if done right.  Try taking a container of fresh made lemonade to make this even more special.

Go Treasure Hunting: Ok so this one is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea but some people love to hunt for treasure and in the summer there are no shortage of Garage sails to hunt.  Make the early morning even more special by making Prosciutto egg muffins to snack on while finding your treasures.

Go to the beach:  We love the beach.  The sun, the sandy, the air – my happy place!  Packing an amazing lunch for the beach is easy to do with a little thought.  I like to stay away from foods that spoil easily, so no pasta salads with mayonnaise or seafood.  Fresh cut veggies with Cilantro Edamame Hummus is one of our favorites for the beach.  Remember for the beach whole simple foods are always the best.

Out Door movie: We are fortunate that the city we live in does this during the summer months on Friday nights.  Grab your lawn chairs, pack snacks and enjoy a movie under the stars.  Baked Kale chips are a great healthy option or if you want to indulge a little s’mores snack mix is amazing!  Don’t forget your blanket to snuggle under.

While all of these are great options, I think as women it is ultimately about the effort and spending quality time together.  I know for me it’s not so much about what we do it’s the thought and remember ladies the men really don’t have a clue on what we want to do – give them a list or better yet print this blog!

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